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Serial Killer Was Nice and Friendly

More in formation is coming out about Loujack Nougues Café . Some of  it is quite contradictory.

A neighbor of victim George Washington Burnett remembers Loujack from the area in an interview.

Adam Bomberry knew the young man as RJ and believed he was a friend of Burnett. His wife Angel, who often brought the 82-year-old Stirton Street man food and did his laundry, said the young man was seen in the neighbourhood all the time, sometimes on a bike, and described him as “quiet and friendly.”

That’s why they were shocked when the saw a picture of the young man on TV — the man who Hamilton police say killed Burnett and a well-known panhandler and is the random stabber who terrorized central Hamilton late last year.

The Bomberrys also recall the accused showing up at their home, which is across the street from Burnett’s, when police were searching the crime scene last September.

“He asked permission to come on our property,” Adam Bomberry said, adding the young man was polite and wanted to know what happened.

“He looked like he was concerned, that’s all. I’d seen him conversing with George. I thought they were friends.”

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It is common for serial killers to be around crime scenes, they like to immerse themselves into their crimes in as many ways as possible.

Another article paints a very different view of Loujack from the statement above.

He calls himself Apollyon Vetis Mastema. King of the Demons of Hell.

And he is accused of being a serial killer.

His real name is Loujack Nougues Café and he is charged with fatally stabbing two people — leaving a knife in the throat of George Washington Burnett, who was found in his own bed, and dumping the body of Laura Young in a back alley snowbank. He is also charged with randomly knifing three pedestrians on the sidewalks of our city. Those attacks — perhaps even more so than the murders — sent a chill over the community for nearly three months.

Café’s Facebook pages paint a portrait of a man interested in demonology, gangstas and Marxism.

On one page The Spectator has learned belongs to Café, he draws from a lexicon of demon names from various cultures and dubs himself Apollyon Vetis Mastema and “Hansom Dvil” (sic).

One photo of Café, digitally manipulated, shows him with red eyes, blood dripping from his mouth, a pitchfork-carrying devil on his shoulder and two handguns placed near his head in a way that evokes horns.

Words superimposed on the doctored photo say “Blood King,” “Blood Killa 666,” “Great Original Devil (GOD)” and “Beast Blood.”

Rap lyrics on the page say “Redrum/Pouring out some redrum for my fall soldiers/Tdot (sic) eastside Scartown to downtown redtown/Regent Park, the Parkers/It ain’t just pouring liquor it’s repaying with murder.”

Redrum is murder spelled backwards.

Café is facing two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Photos and more information here.

Two sides of the same coin. 

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