Man believed to be victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy found alive

Your comments (optioA man whose family thought he had been murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy has been found alive and living in Oregon, Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said Wednesday. For 35 years, Theodore “Ted” Szal’s family thought they had lost him. But this week they learned he actually was alive and had willingly disappeared years ago while going through a divorce. “I believe Christmas has come early for the Szal family,” Sheriff Dart said. “Being able to tell an 88-year-old father that……..

Another Gacy victim found alive.

  1. Still, he’s caused his parents a lot of heartache over the years hasn’t he?

    • I was thinking the same – in fact, in some ways it must be worse for the family, knowing that he willingly cut himself off from them for all those years

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