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Serial Murder Case on Business Cards

Serial murder case on business cards

West Mesa Murders get new attention

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A unique new business card is about to go into circulation that detectives hope will help find the killer of the 11 women found buried on Albuquerque’s west mesa in 2009.

The 2-year-old case has seen a lot of publicity since the first bone was discovered by a woman walking her dog. It’s even been broadcast on a national television show.

This will be the first time that the serial murder case is printed on a business card.

“They’re trying to keep the west mesa murder victim case in the public eye,” Albuquerque Chief of Police Ray Schultz said.

Schultz said the president from the agency Greenoffers, which is putting it all together, called the police department offering to help.

“He felt that he really had a calling to try and do everything that he could to help keep the case in the public’s eye,” Schultz said.

He said first, the company produced a video on the Open Space division within the Albuquerque Police Department, attached with a summary of the West Mesa murders and posted it on YouTube  (see video below).

The video is the first of many more to follow, highlighting APD’s many departments. Schultz said it’s already a hit.

“Within the first few days there were over 200 hits on the website,” Schultz said.

That could mean, people who’ve never heard of the 11 women murdered and buried off 118th Street SW in Albuquerque got a glimpse of the case too. However the group had an even bigger idea.

“Very soon you will start seeing these cards show up,” Schultz said.

The proof of the card shows the pictures of eight victims on one side and pictures of four more on the other side, along with important information.

“With information about the victims, the reward and what people can do to help us solve the case,” Schultz said.

APD and taxpayers will not have to pay a dime. Greenoffers has said it will foot the bill for the first 5,000 it expects to print in a few weeks.

Most will be given to businesses to hand out; especially those around Central Avenue, where police said the women were known in the world of prostitution.

The president of the company said the rest will be given to detectives to hand out. Detectives, Schultz said, are still very hard at work, turning over every stone to try and solve this case.

“We continue to send detectives out into the streets to talk to prostitutes, people who are out in the streets late in the evening,” Schultz said. “We never want the case to go cold or stale.”

Along with the 5,000 business-type cards Greenoffers will also print a thousand fliers on the case.

More Info On Case Here

This is an excellent idea. Bravo to the police for keeping this case in the public eye. Also a big Bravo to the company that is printing the cards!

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