Can You Identify This Woman?

The FBI has released the photo of a woman believed to be an additional victim of sexual torture and murder at the hands of suspected serial killer David Parker Ray of New Mexico.

Ray was convicted and sentenced to 223 years in prison for kidnapping and torturing two women. In 2002, he died in state prison, but the FBI has retrieved evidence, they believe link another woman to the murderer.

ImageAt a press conference in Albuquerque, Frank Fisher, spokesman for the bureau said, “We have a suspicion that this woman may have had contact with him, And we would really like to know what her name was, and if we could talk to her.”

In 1999, Ray was arrested after one of his victims managed to escape.

Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo was found naked, wearing only a dog collar and chain. She told police she was tortured in Ray’s home, and in 2001 he was sent to prison where he died the following year.

Though he wrote of more than 40 victims, the FBI has only been able to identify two of them.

Recently, the FBI released photos of itemsfound in Ray’s possession in the hope that someone would recognize something and help them identify to whom it belonged.

Jaramillio, now 33, spoke at the conference Friday, saying, “These people need to be returned to their families, whether they’re gone or not. They didn’t have to go through what I went through but they did. And they probably didn’t make it (out) like I did.”

She stated that while she was held by Ray, he bragged about those he had killed.

Anyone with information regarding possible victims of David Parker Ray is asked to contact FBI Albuquerque at (505) 889-1300.Image









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Hopefully someone can identify her. Maybe she will see her photo and let the police know that she is fine.



  1. I saw a doco about David Parker Ray. God only knows what these poor women suffered. One less sicko off this planet.

  2. I hope these items can offer some comfort to the families of the women who may be missing still.

    • d
    • December 25th, 2011

    Cynthia, have you ever wondered why there isn’t a lot more video evidence with over 40 slaves even though the Toy Box was set up with cameras.
    Have you ever wondered just who paid for the Toy Box . The Toy Box wasn’t a torture chamber , it was a movie set . The whole thing was created to freak the slave out as much as possible. Hence all the extra props.

    In case the FBI were wondering, there aren’t any bodies in Elephant Butte .David’s job was to capture and film. Another source had to get the body, distribute the footage to the necessary buyers and pay David .

    Seriously – you can stop looking in Elephant Butte – there are no bodies there.

    When you make a snuff movie , its for a very selective audience. Its even harder to find a buyer . To reduce the risk of getting caught only one copy is sold . The cost varried between 2-5k depending on quality and the slave involved . Some of it was sold overseas some of it sold locally. David sold none of the videos himself

    David never used to get the actresses locally , Cynthia he got you from Albequerque. The bodies are not in NM . Where they are I have no idea.

    • Dave,

      I am sorry but I am not Cynthia.

      I also disagree with your theory of the ‘snuff ring’.
      The camera and the screen were part of the torture, David would make his victims watch as he abused them. He would put the screen near their heads so that they could see what he was doing to them. Later David would watch the tapes while having sex with Hendy.

      David built and paid for the Toy Box. The F.B.I. found receipts showing him paying for the items in the trailers. They were not ‘movie sets’ they were little parts of Hell.
      There were no financial backers for Ray. His finances were well investigated. David, his daughter (Glenda Jean Ray), his girlfriend (Cindy Hendy) and his drug – buddy (Dennis Roy Yancy) were sadistic killers and low lives.
      The torment he caused was not for money, it was not a job, it was for his enjoyment.

      It would be easier for many to ‘understand’ these types of sadistic crimes if they have some ‘explanation, like profit’. That is not the case. Some people hurt and kill for personal enjoyment and for fun.

      The young ladies were not actresses, they were daughters, mothers and humans. They did not want to be tortured or killed, they were kidnapped. Calling the victims actresses is insulting. You addressing who you think is a victim in such a way is also insulting, especially when you are so misinformed.

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