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EGG HARBOR TWP.–It’s been five years since the bodies of four women were found behind a strip of motels along the Black Horse Pike, and their killer still remains on the loose. The prosecutor issued a statement on where the investigation stands half a decade later.

A tattered ribbon from a makeshift memorial is all that remains at the site where a grisly discovery was made five years ago, all other evidence has since been erased that just half a decade ago, it was the site of a major crime scene. The bodies of Kim Raffo, Tracy Ann Roberts, Barbara Breidor and Molly Jean Dilts were found face down in a shallow watery grave, their killer has never been caught.

“Nobody talks about it, nobody cares.” But Terry Oleson, the client of attorney James Leonard does. While he was never officially named as a suspect, he was the one thrust into the spotlight when his Salem County home was searched and he was questioned extensively in connection with the killings. “He’s still looked at as the guy who killed those four girls in Atlantic City,” said Leonard.

“It’s not uncommon for a serial murder case to last several years before a solution is found.” Dr. John White, a forensic psychologist is not involved with this case, but has studied serial killers extensively. “There are some serial murder cases that go 8, 9,10 years before the person’s caught,” he said.

Some believe not enough attention has been put into the investigation because the women were all involved with drugs and prostitution. “It’s very sad that five years later, for the most part, they’ve been forgotten,” said Leonard, who says he’s disappointed that no one’s yet been arrested.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor said in a statement that the investigation into the quadruple homicide remains active and ongoing, and that detectives continue to follow leads as they come in. The prosecutor said aggressive investigative efforts by his office and others continue.

“Statistically, most serial murders are caught, eventually,” said White, “you still have a lot that are not, but I have the highest confidence that this person is going to be identified sometime in the future.”

The prosecutor says along with his office and local departments that the United States Justice Department, the FBI, and state police, along with federal and state forensic laboratories are all involved in the investigation.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Major Crimes Unit by dialing
(609) 909-7800 or CrimeStoppers anonymously at 1-800-658-TIPS.



Right after the bodies were found on Gilgo Beach in New York this case came into the spotlight again. Everyone (myself included) wondered if this serial killer had moved to New York. Even the police wondered. I guess the 2 crime scenes were not connected since this story quickly drifted back into the shadows.


How Many Victims Still A Mystery in Ottawa

OTTAWA – The hunt for human remains resumed Wednesday in a south-Ottawa neighbourhood as cops investigating accused serial killer Camille Cleroux began digging at a new location.

Police taped off an expansive wooded area bordering a playground on the same street where a construction crew discovered human remains on Oct. 31 in the backyard of a home Cleroux once lived in.

Police said the investigation into that grisly discovery led them to the new site across the road.

No human remains had been found so far, police said, but the dig is expected to continue at least until Friday.

Cleroux was charged with first-degree murder after the body of Paula Leclair, 64, was found in a wooded area in May 2010. Cleroux had moved into Leclair’s apartment and told her son that she had won the lottery and travelled to Mexico.

The following month he was also charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of two other women: Jean Rock, 32; and Lise Roy, 27.

Roy, who was married to Cleroux, disappeared two decades ago; Rock, his common-law spouse, disappeared 13 years ago. Neither body has been found.

Area residents are shocked and worried another body could potentially be unearthed in their otherwise quiet neighbourhood, which is home to many families.

Jocelyne Mudenge was headed to work when she saw the heavy police presence at the park, and heard human remains may have been discovered.

“It’s scary to know that kind of thing could be happening in your backyard,” said Mudenge. “Murder? Serial killer? You see it on TV but you don’t think it could happen in real life.”

Esther Madzingo just moved into the area.

“It just makes me feel like I have to leave the neighbourhood,” she said. “I’m not safe here.”

An excavator was digging a large patch of grass among trees on Wednesday where investigators stopped to flag areas of interest.

“When we’re dealing with investigations like this, it’s one of the last opportunities for the truth to be told,” said Insp. Mike Callaghan. ” It’s very necessary for us to ensure that we’re doing everything that we can.”

Police again brought in archaeological experts to help with the dig. Any remains found will be forwarded to a forensic science centre in Toronto.

Police said this case has been flagged a top priority. Any identification could take weeks, or even months.

Video and article here.

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One of the odd things about this case is that Cleroux killed people that he knew pretty well. Most serial killers don’t.

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