Court won’t name Child Molester Out shopping? We will

Court won’t name Child Molester Out shopping? We will.

Robin Angus Fletcher aka Timothy Michael Ryan


    • frigginloon
    • October 12th, 2011

    It astounds me that the government will allow the public to be placed at risk yet will not take responsibilities for their actions. If he offended while out shopping the public should have the right to sue the government or whatever authority is responsible. It should be considered “health and safety”. If this was the case these bastards wouldn’t see the light of day!

  1. It seems like the rights and the protection of the predator is more important to some than the rights of the general public and the victims.

    i agree that the public should be able to recoup financially from judges and parole boards that let violent individuals out. It would make those making the decisions think about things a bit more if they were going to be held accountable.

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