New York Serial Killer Case: Tips Are Coming In.

The police are getting tips in the NY Serial Killer case. Hopefully we will hear something new soon.

Chilling sketches of a man and a woman found at a serial killer dumping ground on Long Island have spurred dozens of fresh tips about their identities, according to a source close to the case.

Suffolk County cops released the renderings of an Asian man and a white woman yesterday in an attempt to kick-start their investigation into ten sets of remains found at Gilgo Beach.

The victims – eight women, the lone man and a female toddler – were discovered during sweeps of the desolate stretch over the past 10 months and only half have been identified.

A police source said that the Asian male – who likely worked as a prostitute – was wearing a short skirt and some form of female leggings.

The sketch of what the male victim in the Long Island killings may have looked like.

The sketch of what the male victim in the Long Island killings may have looked like.

The source said his discovery initially threw the investigation for a loop because the other identified victims were all petite female hookers. But the cross-dressing revelation makes it plausible, the source said, that their slayer could be one in the same.

There is only one Asian male listed as missing in New York State but no match was made to the Gilgo victim.

The discovery of a female toddler at the site – the other clear departure from the Gilgo pattern – has also frustrated cops. The body of the child’s likely mother was discovered 7 miles away near Jones Beach.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer has not determined if the grisly Gilgo finds are the work of one or more killers.
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  1. This killer is a serious monster. I wonder what he is doing now, where he is hidding?

  2. That is the scariest part .
    The killer (s) are walking around assimilated into the area that they live in. They go to work, socialize and sleep right in our neighborhoods.

    No one knows their neighbor is a killer.

    Since the ‘dump site; was found he might have moved if he was able to,

  3. Sheez, who knew, a cross dressing Asian serial killer!!!!!

    • No, Loon, the cross dressing Asian guy was a victim.
      : (

      If he was picked up by the serial killer and killed the fact that he was a man may or may not have mattered much.
      Unless he was the 1st victim.
      I doubt that though, The victimology does not fit as a man ‘getting back’ or ‘pissed at’ cross dressers.

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