More Games With Joseph Naso

SAN RAFAEL — The Nevada man accused of killing four women, including a woman whose body was dumped in Contra Costa County, went back and forth with a Marin County judge on Monday over how he would defend himself.

Joseph Naso told the perplexed judge that he needed more time to find an attorney or a legal adviser.

Naso, 77, said he needed a month or two to find a lawyer he could trust to advise him. At the same time, he said he wanted to continue representing himself.

“It’s not clear to me exactly why you want a continuance,” Marin Superior Court Judge Andrew Sweet told Naso, noting a confusing motion filed by the suspect who so far has represented himself. “The motion suggests you may be asking to have a lawyer represent you,” or a lawyer to act in an advisory capacity, the judge observed.

“All of the above,” Naso replied. “It’s not so much the question of spending money to retain counsel but of retaining someone I can trust and feel confident of to represent me. There are people out there who would like to get my money.”

“I have decided I do need legal counsel for this case,” Naso continued. At the same time, “I would like to maintain that privilege” of representing myself.

“If you were to ask me right now do I want counsel or do I want to represent myself, I can’t answer that,” Naso said.

“The bottom line is, if I can find an attorney who is reasonable and is not just out for my money, I would consider that.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” the judge said at one point.

Authorities have said Naso has access to about $1 million in savings.

Ultimately, Sweet said there was no good cause to delay a Sept. 6 preliminary hearing.

Naso said he was wary of attorneys because he had been burned by one and said he had talked to a half-dozen lawyers and was having trouble finding one that measured up.

“In this county there are not that many attorneys who are interested in this type of case,” he said.

Naso has pleaded not guilty to charges of killing four women: Roxene Roggasch, 18, dumped near Whites Hill above Fairfax in 1977; Carmen Colon, 22, found near Port Costa in 1978; Pamela Parsons, 38, found in Yuba County in 1993; and Tracy Tafoya, 31, found in Yuba County in 1994. The cases are being prosecuted in Marin Superior Court.

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He just needs to pass away in his sleep.

    • Mary Lewis
    • December 8th, 2011

    I was targeted by Naso in August 1969 in Manhattan. He was one of a group of photographers working with a Puerto Rican man called Rivera. I don’t know if Naso was Puerto Rican also. Anyway I had a friend who was working for these photographers, posing semi-nude and on one or more occasions she got drunk and somehow gave my details, that I was living on my own with no family in New York and details of where I worked. So one day as I stepped out of the office at lunchtime, Naso steps up to me saying “Can I have your photograph”. I had a lovely new dress on, so in my stupidity I thought that’s why he picked me out. He then asked me to go to his office which was a few minutes away, so he could get some details. In a few minutes we were entering a tall building, seconds later up in the lift, then out at say the 20th floor and he says we have now to walk up two or three flights to the office. I began to get suspicious then, but continued upward, then into an empty room with no window. He said to me “Look down there”. After chatting for a few minutes he said out of the blue “Are you sick”. I instantly knew there was something wrong and I also knew what he had meant as I had heard Puerto Ricans before refer to a girl having her period as being “sick”. I hadn’t but instinctively I said yes. He hastily said he had to go and we left the building and I went back to my office. I realised that he had intended to rape me and kill me and throw me out of the window (where the window was not in yet). I was lucky – God was looking after me. Even though I was all alone in New York, each evening when I got in from the office I knelt down at my bedside and said my prayers. I think that’s why Naso targeted the younger girls; he didn’t want when he came to rape the girl to be met with her period. I always remembered my experience and when watching the Crime Investigation Network I was always watching out for him but never saw him. Then the other day I saw an article online about him. I know I should have reported it at the time, but I knew nothing about him, absolutely nothing. Thank God he has been caught.

    • That must have been terrifying. Did you know his name at the time or did you just recognise his face on tv?
      Are you still in contact with that friend?
      Can you remember anything more about the other photographer? Mr. Rivera?

      I do not think that menstration had anything to do with Naso’s victim selection. The woman he killed in the late ’70’s were grown women.
      The New York girls were in the late 60-70’s.

      “Authorities have said that they are seeking out cases that fit his “MO” – women victims who had been strangled, and whose bodies were dumped in rural areas, said San Anselmo, Calif. police Detective Julie Gorwood. And even though the New York murders involved children, not women, investigators there say Naso is still a suspect.”

      Thank you for commenting here.

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