Anthony Sowell Gets Death Penalty

A serial killer who kept the decomposing bodies of 11 women in his Ohio home and yard for more than two years was sentenced to the death penalty Friday.

Judge Dick Ambrose accepted a jury’s recommendation and ruled that Anthony Sowell’s troubled childhood and mental health issues did not mitigate the seriousness of his crimes.

“The court gives no weight to the defendant’s expression of remorse,” Ambrose said in handing down the verdict.

Ambrose set an execution date of October 29, 2012. Sowell has the right to appeal, which could delay his execution by years.

Sowell, 51, sat with his eyes closed as two women he raped but did not kill and the relatives of his victims shared their pain during the sentencing hearing.

“You’re going to hell for your actions,” Donnita Carmichael said to the man who killed her mother Tonia.

“May your pacemaker stop and you die tonight,” said Dorothy Pollard, aunt of victim Diane Turner.

“He took my heart,” testified Donald Smith, whose daughter Kim was among the victims.

One of Sowell’s surviving rape victims said “I had to forgive him so I can move on with my life,” adding “he didn’t kill me, he killed what I was.”

The former U.S. marine was found guilty on July 22 of 82 charges including kidnapping, rape, molesting a human corpse, robbery and attempted murder.

The StarPhoenix
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Now he can sit there for years appealing and filing frivolous lawsuits like the rest of them.


  1. September 9th, 2011

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