Serial Killer’s Family Tries to Make Sure He Stays locked Up

FRANKSTON serial killer Paul Denyer’s estranged brother and sister-in-law plan to return to Australia and have vowed to fight to ensure one of the state’s most despised criminals is never released from prison.

For almost 20 years the couple and their family have lived in hiding in Britain overshadowed by Paul Denyer’s evil acts.

They fled their Mt Eliza home in 1992 just a year before Denyer embarked on a random killing spree murdering three women – student Elizabeth Stevens, 18, young mum Debra Fream, 22, and schoolgirl Natalie Jayne Russell, 17, – in what a shocked state came to know as the Frankston murders.

The Denyers moved to the other side of the world after Paul Denyer threatened to kill Ms Denyer and her children.

“It’s almost as if our life was moving along so well … and then suddenly it stopped,” Mr Denyer said from Britain yesterday.

“We want to come back and pick our life up from where it was so many years ago. It’s where we always wanted to be.

“We’re determined not to let this ruin our lives anymore.”

Mr Denyer said he planned to confront his brother in prison for the first time in 18 years to ask what triggered the vile crimes. A previous attempt to meet the murderer was blocked after Paul Denyer refused his brother’s request to see him. Mr Denyer said he was concerned his brother, sentenced to life in jail with a minimum of 30 years, would be eligible for parole in just 12 years.

“I’ve never tried to justify his actions. He deserves everything he gets. He should stay in prison and he should never be allowed to re-enter society ever,” an emotional Mr Denyer said.

“I’m a firm believer that you pay for the things that you’ve done. He’s taken away three lives of three young women and he’s taken part of the lives away from all their relatives.

“For that he should have his life, his freedom, taken away. His freedom to be part of society should be taken away because he’s taken it away from somebody else.”

He would campaign “without question” to make sure his brother stayed behind bars. Wife Julie, originally from England, said she missed her home here.

“I am 50 this year, and wish to retire in Australia, the place I miss with all my heart … what Paul did was life-changing for me, and to this day effects my life in so many ways,” she said.

“This started in my 20s, when I was full of hope to live my dream in Australia. I would like the chance to relive that dream taken from me by a monster.”

Ms Denyer said the family’s plans had been stalled. They were denied a victim payout for counselling because of a bureaucratic bungle.

Vital police and court documents were lost which stopped a claim for fair compensation from the Victims of Crime Assistance program. The documents have never been recovered.

“The only way I will have a chance is to physically come out there myself and look for the paperwork myself,” Ms Denyer said.“If he is eligible for parole he’ll be 54 when he’s released. And that’s why, I’m determined not to let that happen.”

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Another story showing how wide spread the damage done by a serial killer is.

I hope this family can go home and live happily.

I hope that Paul Denyer never gets released. Even his own flesh and blood knows what a threat he is and wants him to remain in prison.

  1. Sheez, I’m surprised he got that long a sentence in Australia! We have one of the most pathetically lenient sentencing in the world. I would still be scared to return 😦

    • Hi … that’s
      the thing … never be scared … thats when he hods the power ….x

  2. I am Julie Denyer , the sister in law of Paul ,,, if anyone wants to ask me any questions .. i will be happy to answer ….. Thank you .

  3. How are YOU doing?

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