Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony has been found Not Guilty.

I think those 12 people, the jurors, made the wrong decision. I hope that they think about letting her go every day of their lives.

I also hope that the defense team is haunted by the memory of the baby that was denied justice.

Seems cruel? So is killing a baby, so is letting a mother that killed her baby go free.

I do have wonder if the death penalty being on the table had anything to do with the verdict. Did the fact that a guilty verdict could have wound up with capital punishment being used effect the jury?

I am pro capital punishment but I know many others are not.

Maybe they really did not believe the prosecutor proved the case well enough. They might have wanted a smoking gun, they might have watched too much C.S.I. or  Law and Order. They wanted that big t.v. Perry Mason moment and expected someone to have an elaborate computer set up with multiple screens to explain it all.

I don’t know what think or to say.

I hope that the jury does eventually come forward and explain how they came to the decision that they did.

I would wish that Caylee’s death and memory being a form of justice on Casey’s head and heart but I do not think that will happen. I agree with others. She is going to enjoy the attention and the money that she will make to the fullest.

She is a psychopath.

Revised Psychopathy Checklist

Factor 1: Measures a selfish, callous, and remorseless use of others and contains most of the personality characteristics considered central to the traditional clinical conceptions of the disorder. These traits are inferred, as opposed to explicit.

  • glibness/superficial charm
  • grandiose sense of self-worth/narcissism
  • pathological lying
  • conning, manipulative behaviour
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow affect
  • callousness/lack of empathy
  • failure to accept responsibility for actions

Factor 2: Measures social deviance, as manifested in a chronically unstable and antisocial lifestyle. These traits are more explicit than those in the Factor 1 group.

  • need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioural controls
  • early behavioural problems
  • lack of realistic, long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release

Other factors:

  • promiscuous sexual behaviour
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • criminal versatility
R.I.P. little Caylee.
You, little princess, will never be forgotten.
    Beyond reasonable doubt?
    1.Surely the fact no one else had reason to kill Caylee counts?
    2. If she had REALLY been abducted no doubt Casey would have contacted police!
    3. When the body was found why didn’t she plead for police to find the killer?
    4. If Caylee had accidentally drowned in the pool why cover it up?
    5. A photo taken in the house showed the same type of tape that was found wrapped around the child’s body.

    • There was so much evidence and her motive should have been clear. Casey is a spoiled Brat and Caylee made it hard to get guys and party.

      There would have been NO reason for George Anthony to have wanted to hide the body, as an ex cop he would have wanted to do the exact opposite.

      Also, from a purely unemotional perspective if George had wanted to cover up the accident he would have done a much better job since he is an ex cop. He knows investigations and I am sure he knows of better ways to ‘get rid of a body’.
      Wrapping it up the way it was putting it in a swamp area was useless. Leave it to the elements and there less, if anything left and no evidence at all at the scene.

      It is a friggin shame and beyond that this jury let the baby killer go.

  2. I was stunned with the verdict, doesn’t make any sense. The child is dead and nobody is found responsible. I don’t understand these jurors.

    • An alternate juror is saying that since the Prosecutor could not show exactly how Caylee died they assumed it was an accident.
      Casey and Jose Baez are obviously excellent liars.
      I will refrain from stating my opinion on the jury, but let’s just say they were not hard to confuse….

    • themadchuck
    • July 5th, 2011

    Here’s my best way attempt at trying to rationalize the Casey Anthony verdict.

  3. My thoughts on the Defense theory ” The Drowning Cover Up”;

    George Anthony is an ex cop.
    He has studied crime scenes. He has at least a base knowledge of forensics and crime scene investigations. Probably more than just a base knowledge of all aspects.

    To be blunt, there is no way he would have tried to cover up an accidental drowning, but let’s say he did not take his meds and decided to do it anyway.

    He would have been able to come up with a much more believable “where is Caylee” response then “with the nanny.” If he was trying to help cover up the fact that his daughter was a bad mother who let his grand-baby drown he would have known what kinds of alibis and ‘stories’ are most believable. This one was not one of those and the details were easily investigated and found to be false.

    He would not have hidden the body so close to the home unless he was trying a Lindbergh Baby type kidnapping. The stories and scenarios do not match so he wasn’t going for that. They live in Florida, There is a lot of swamp land away from their home that would have not been immediately investigated by law enforcement. He would have known to drive an hour or more to a secluded, area away from the home to avoid suspicion and point fingers at anything / anyone other than the family.

    There is NO way that he would have wrapped the body in multiple layers of plastic and dumped in the swamps. One action defeated the purpose of the other.
    Dumping a body in the swamp is a way to ‘get rid of evidence’. Bodies will decompose quickly in the hot moist environment. Animals will come and take parts away, maybe even consume most of the body. Rains, natural moisture, natural scavenging animals and heat will also get rid of other evidence such as DNA and small fibers missed by the naked eye.
    Anyone who has read a few true crime novels knows that so an ex cop would.

    Nothing points or supports the theory that George knew about the tragic accident and helped his daughter avoid,,,, what? Dishonor?

    Everything points to that theory being total bullshit.

    Even the mere thought that for some reason an ex cop thought he had to cover up a young child’s accidental drowning is laughable. Why?

    Even if he had abused Casey (which I do not believe, she is too much of a brat) why hide an accidental drowning?

    The defense made NO sense.

    • I agree totally Psychowatcher, ex cops know exactly how to dispose of bodies. Sheez, he had a friggin month to relocate the body numerous times. And what about the duct tape? Surely they could have matched the batch that Casey had in her home with the tape found on Caylee? It had friggin hearts on it for goodness sakes.
      This makes me so angry.
      Imagine how many other psychopathic mothers will now be using the Casey defense….”I’m a compulsive liar , like to party , have no idea where my daughter was for over a month but I tell you, I’m innocent!”

      If that was me, I would be screaming in court for someone to find my child’s killer!!

      Note : Why isn’t anyone in the family saying lets reopen the investigation and find the real killer? Reason? They know exactly who killed Caylee!

      • I agree Loon.
        The family knows. It was why they had such a hard time supporting Casey during the trial, why they usually did not look at her.
        I can understand parents not testifying strongly against their child regardless of what the child did. It is a natural response to defend your child. Even still, the parents did say incriminating statements.
        They are victims as well, not saying they are perfect or were / are great parents but I can understand.

        When my son was very little he “went missing” (hid in a clothing rack) for about 5 minutes. I can remember screaming, yelling, calling for the cops. All in a few minutes. I can not imagine him missing for a month.
        He is now in his early 20’s and I still freak if I do not hear from him for a few days. Even now, as old as he is, he could not hide out on me for a month without the F.B.I. looking for him just shut me up.

  4. And to think this evil monster is free to breed again!

    • Julie. I had not even gotten that far.
      Of course you are right, she could actually breed and birth another victim.
      Damn sad thought.

  5. Yep, that pretty much defines Casey, alright. I feel sorry for the next baby she brings into the world. and she will, as that’s how she twisted her mother and father’s arms into letting her live with them. Did they forget that she also stole her grandpa’s social security checks and forged them in order to support her boozing lifestyle? There is probably so much more to thise story that we don’t know about – like the bio father having another gf (or wife) and threatening to take Caylee away from Casey as she’s an unfit mother. I hopethis story isn’t finished. And I think Casey’s attorney is swarmy.

  6. I just saw a photo on TMZ of all the defense lawyers celebrating and sipping champagne. DISGRACEFUL!!!!! There were no winners here!

  1. July 6th, 2011

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