Update on Anthony Sowell Trial

The jury toured Anthony Sowell’s house.

Here is the 6pm follow up.

This is a pretty good article on the tour as well.

News 5 Article

During Bombik’s hour-long presentation Rufus Sims, one of Sowell’s two attorneys, sat with his eyes closed and his hands formed in a steeple.  It was unclear whether Sims was praying or sleeping.

Sims would not have to sit through another long opening argument.  Co-counsel John Parker took only 10 minutes.  Parker tried to convince the jury that 11 bodies on the Sowell property was not enough to convict his client.

“There are no eyewitnesses. There are no fingerprints.  here’s no DNA linking Mr. Sowell to any of the homicides,” Parker said.

I am guessing that Sims was praying. It will take divine intervention for Sowell to be found not guilty.

As to the statement by Mr. Parker I think the bodies link Sowell to the homicides pretty well.

In September, 2009  Sowell invited a woman he knew to his home for a drink. On September 22, 2009 she reported to police that after a few drinks, he became angry, hit her, choked her and raped her as she passed out. On October 29, police arrived at his home with a warrant to arrest him for the alleged rape. He was not there, but they found two bodies on the floor in the living room.  He was located and arrested two days later.

The bodies of four other women were found throughout the home, buried in a shallow grave in the basement and in crawl spaces in the house.  After digging in the backyard, investigators found three more bodies and the remains of a fourth. Police also found a human skull in a bucket inside the house, which brought the body count to eleven.


I guess the that same person that John Wayne Gacy claimed hid the bodies under his house is back at it?

I respect the law and the justice system but I have a hard time figuring out why some cases go to trial.

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