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Mehdi Faraji executed

Over the course of the past two days a wave of executions in Iran has taken place with at least eight and up to 11 people hanged in public executions. One of the executions was conducted by a young boy.
Mehdi Faraji, 37, was hanged in public in Qazvin on Thursday. He was convicted of murdering five women who had boarded his mini bus. According to Iran Human Rights a young boywas used to remove the chair that Mehdi was standing on carrying out the execution.
Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights strongly condemned today’s execution and said : “These barbaric executions and using ordinary citizens, especially the minors to carry out these executions must be condemned by the world community”. He added : “Iranian leaders must be held accountable for promoting a culture of murder and brutality in Iran”.


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I have NO problem with the death penalty but I do not think young children should be there. I do not think they should have to think about these things.

Criminals should be dealt with by adults not kids.



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