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Mehdi Faraji executed

Over the course of the past two days a wave of executions in Iran has taken place with at least eight and up to 11 people hanged in public executions. One of the executions was conducted by a young boy.
Mehdi Faraji, 37, was hanged in public in Qazvin on Thursday. He was convicted of murdering five women who had boarded his mini bus. According to Iran Human Rights a young boywas used to remove the chair that Mehdi was standing on carrying out the execution.
Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights strongly condemned today’s execution and said : “These barbaric executions and using ordinary citizens, especially the minors to carry out these executions must be condemned by the world community”. He added : “Iranian leaders must be held accountable for promoting a culture of murder and brutality in Iran”.


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I have NO problem with the death penalty but I do not think young children should be there. I do not think they should have to think about these things.

Criminals should be dealt with by adults not kids.



Possibly more victims in New York case



The murders of two prostitutes are being investigated as possible link to several bodies of other prostitutes found between Jones, Oak and Gilgo beaches since December 2010.

According to the New York Post, police have revisited the case of 39-year-old East New York resident, Tanya Rush whose dismembered remains were found stuffed in a suitcase. Rush’s remains were found June 27, 2008 along the Southern State Parkway in Bellmore on June 27, 2008. She was the mother of three.

The New York Post source would not disclose any details about the second victim. Suffolk investigators believe at least two killers have dumped the eight bodies found within the past few months.

The investigation into the suspected serial killer, who dumped his victims near Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County, New York and Ocean Parkway, and Gilgo and Oak Beaches in Suffolk County, concluded more than a week ago with police finding no additional human remains, Newsday reported.

Initially, police were searching for Jersey City resident Shannan Gilbert who vanished after arranging to meet a client from Craigslist on Fire Island when they stumbled upon the first four bodies. Gilbert, missing since May 1, 2010, still has not been found. She was last seen begging for help at the home of an Oak Beach resident, but disappeared after the man called 911.

In all, ten bodies have been found over the past five months. Six additional remains were found within the past two months. It remains unclear if the same person killed all of the victims.

I think that the baby and the male victim were 2 separate killings unconnected to the other victims.

As to the 6 females found the two that had been dismembered and scattered they might have been killed by a different killer than the other 4. I would need more details and a better timeline than the one I have drawn out for myself to give an opinion that mattered.

The full article links these bodies to the Atlantic City murders but I doubt they are connected.

Michelle Martin To Be Released


Outrage as killer’s ex-wife released

OUTRAGE swept Belgium yesterday after prosecutors confirmed the imminent early release of Michelle Martin, former wife and accomplice of Marc Dutroux, the most notorious serial killer and pedophile in Europe.

Martin, 51, known as the most hated woman in Belgium, is to be freed for good behaviour. She is to live in a French convent after serving seven years of a 30-year sentence for kidnapping and imprisoning six girls who were raped by Dutroux, 54. She was found guilty of allowing two of them to starve to death.

“We are allowing a monster out into society. She is the murderer of my daughter,” said Jean-Denis Lejeune, whose eight-year-old daughter, Julie, was found dead in Dutroux’s cellar in Charleroi in 1996.

“Michelle Martin was as bad as Dutroux. She could have opened the door, given them water.”

The family of Eefje Lambrecks, another victim, said in court they opposed Martin’s release because “she never voiced sincere regrets”.

Laetitia Delhez, one of two teenagers rescued from the dungeon in 1996, said through her lawyer she was appalled. About 100,000 people have signed up to a Facebook page opposing the release.

Justice Minister Stefaan De Clerck said Martin would be expected to remain in the unnamed French convent for the 10 years of her probation period. She will have to report to French probation officials but will be free to come and go in the daytime.

Commentators focused on the failure of Martin to explain or voice remorse for her actions. Le Soir, the leading Brussels French-language newspaper, called her release “revolting”.

“She has kept the secret of these horrors right to the end,” it said. “She is taking them to her newfound freedom. If Martin is to deserve the benefit of her exit from prison, it would not have been excessive to require of her that she puts a full stop at the end of this sordid affair by speaking the whole truth.”

In her trial, Martin, who has two daughters by Dutroux, depicted herself as helpless against the power of the serial killer.

She claims that she was too scared to go give them food and water!

Michelle Martin, Dutroux’s ex-wife, testified yesterday that she was “too scared” to go down into the dungeon to feed the girls, though she fed two German shepherd dogs that had been left to guard the terrace house under a flyover in the slums of south Charleroi.

Amid gasps from the public gallery, she said she believed that the emaciated creatures – chained to their cell – were “savage beasts” who might kill her.

Martin, 44, who is on trial as an accomplice, admitted that she never asked herself whether the girls were still alive. “I completely blocked the reality of what was happening out of my mind. I know I have some responsibility in the deaths of Julie and Melissa.”

She said the reflex of years of slavish subservience to her husband stopped her going to the police to report the abductions.

“I couldn’t disobey him; it was like that in our home,” she said, adding that she was also concerned that her own two children (later three) would be taken into custody and abused.

Martin claimed that the two girls were still alive when Dutroux returned from prison. She said her husband was far more concerned about dog excrement left in the house than the fate of the girls. It was not until a day later that he called her urgently to come with baby feeding bottles, vitamins and orange juice to revive them.


Martin is a sick and twisted woman. She is just as bad as Dutroux!

It is hard to fathom what the authorities were thinking when they agreed to let her out after just 7 years!!

She ‘behaved’ in prison so they are going to let her go into a convent for 10 years. I am not sure how much a punishment living in a convent is especially since she is free to come and go?

Even with her convent probation time that is only 17 out of 30 years!

The jury must be ill, they tried.

I just do not understand how a woman could know and assist in the killing of children especially and be out in 7 years.

Daytona Beach Police Want To Use Familial DNA Testing

New Crime-Solving Technology Could Find Serial Killer

Daytona Beach Police Want To Use Familial DNA Testing


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A new DNA technology could help local law enforcement track down killers and rapists on the run.”The family will never get their loved one back so we owe it to them to explore this new science,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood said Wednesday.Chitwood is working to bring a new crime-solving weapon to his department called familial DNA.

“If you get a match it’s very similar and would indicate a sibling or parent and that gives an investigative lead that law enforcement could follow up. Before we wouldn’t have that opportunity,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said Wednesday.

Larizza said he wants the new DNA technology especially if it helps investigators track down a serial killer who killed four women, three of them known prostitutes in Daytona Beach.

Investigators found DNA at each of the crime scenes after four women were shot to death between 2005 and 2008. DNA is solid evidence, but police weren’t able to find a match in the database.

“Familial DNA can trace a father, brother or son and that’s what we’re hoping our serial killer has a relative who’s in that state database. It’s worth a shot,” Chitwood said.

The software is so new it’s only being used in three other states, but local law enforcement are hoping Florida is the next state to jump on board.

“This is not something that should just be done in one locality this would benefit law enforcement and state attorney’s and communities across Florida,” Larizza said.

Larizza said the attorney general’s office is reviewing software applications, and familial DNA could be used in Florida in the next few months.

Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes « CBS Boston

Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes « CBS Boston.

R.I.P Camden.

His mother, Juli McCrery of Irving, Texas, is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed to giving her son an overdose of cough syrup that resulted in his death, sources tell WBZ-TV.

Why dump the body?

How could she just dump him like that? How could any parent dump their baby like that?

I will just never understand this type of monster.

Serial Killer Dying For a Playstation

The Sony Playstation is so popular that even geriatrics enjoy some of the intense gaming offered by the console. For instance, a 67-year old serial killer in Australia wants one so bad he’s staging a hunger strike. Guess he hasn’t been daunted by the recent PSN crash and his desire for the gaming console is becoming a need; If he doesn’t get one, he’ll possibly starve to death.

Ivan Milat

For those of you who don’t know who Ivan Milat is, well, consider yourselves lucky for one thing. He’s possibly one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers and is responsible for the “Backpacker Murders,” having claimed seven or more victims throughout the 1990s, and possibly prior. Most of his victims were international backpackers who traveled the world and were between the ages of 19 and 22. He preyed on young girls and men, deriving pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering.

Ivan Milat methodically bound his victims, sometimes stretching their arms above their heads and gagging them. Once they were bound and rendered defenseless, he would then unleash what can only be described as “frenzied” attacks on the victims. The first two bodies discovered, two young girls, indicated he had bound them both in this manner. He shot one several times, and stabbed the other to the point that some of her ribs were severed. The shocking details of the backpacker murders can be read further here.

Ivan Milat is apparently bored, since he is serving more than seven consecutive life sentences for his crimes, so he probably really does want that Playstation console. In fact, he’s downright stir-crazy and has not eaten in nine days, reports one source. Officials in the High Court in Australia aren’t surprised, because this isn’t the first time Milat has pulled a far-out and crazy stunt to get attention. He’s kind of an attention-whore like that. Back in January of 2009, Milate sawed off one of his own fingers with a plastic knife and attempted to mail it to the High Court in Australia. Doctors were not able to sew the digit back in place. He has also swallowed razor blades and other metallic objects to both harm himself and garner attention.

“There’s no inmate on my watch who would ever get anything close to a Playstation, particularly Australia’s worst serial killer,” said Woodham. “I knew he’d start eating again because he likes his food too much. He can stage as many protests as he likes, but there’d be no point if he got one because he needs two hands to use it.

Prison staff are currently observing Milat closely, with intravaneous means of feeding him in case he collapses. They are not going to allow him to starve to death in their prison, nor are they going to entertain his desires to have a Playstation console.


This is ridiculous. He wants s a frigging PlayStation?

Let him die already. How much did it cost the tax payers to attempt to sew his finger back on after he sawed it off? How much did it cost when he swallowed the blades? How much is this latest stunt costing the tax payers? For what? Why are they keeping him alive?

Scotland Yard fights to keep Jack the Ripper files secret


Scotland Yard is fighting an extraordinary legal battle to withhold 123-year-old secret files which experts believe could finally provide the identity of Jack the Ripper.

A woodcut of one of Jack the Ripper's victims.

Scotland Yard is battling to keep 123-year-old files on Jack the Ripper secret. Photo: REX FEATURES
By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent 9:15AM BST 15 May 201160 Comments

Four thick ledgers compiled by Special Branch officers have been kept under lock and key since the Whitechapel murders in 1888.

Jack the Ripper murders reported by the Police News

Scotland Yard is battling to keep 123-year-old files on Jack the Ripper secret.

Trevor Marriott, a Ripper investigator and former murder squad detective, has spent three years attempting to obtain uncensored versions of the documents.

But he has been repeatedly refused because the ledgers contain the identities of police informants – and the Metropolitan Police insist that revealing the information could compromise their attempts to gather information from “supergrasses” and other modern-day informants.

Last week, Mr Marriott took Scotland Yard to a tribunal in a last-ditch attempt to see the journals – containing 36,000 entries – which he believes contain evidence which could finally unmask the world’s most famous serial killer.

The legal case has cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds and has even involved a senior Scotland Yard officer giving evidence anonymously from behind a screen.

The ledgers provide details of the police’s dealings with thousands of informants from 1888 to 1912, including some who provided information during the original Ripper investigation.

A sample of about 40 pages from the Scotland Yard ledgers was released to last week’s tribunal, but with the names of informants and other key details blacked out.

According to Mr Marriott, the files contain the names of at least four new suspects, as well as other pieces of evidence.

He said: “I believe this to be the very last chance that we may have to solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper.

“To have any possibility of getting near the truth about those horrific crimes we must see what these ledgers contain.

“It may be that within them we find the final piece of the jigsaw that would unlock this mystery and lead to the identity of the killer, or killers, albeit 123 years too late.”

Jack the Ripper slaughtered at least five women between August and November 1888 in the slums of Whitechapel, east London, but various experts have claimed other murders may have been committed by the killer on earlier and later dates.

The police made several mistakes in the inquiry and detection techniques of the time were basic – with no fingerprinting and science unable even to distinguish between animal and human blood.

As a result, there is no conclusive evidence to point to the true identity of Jack the Ripper and the case remains one of the world’s great unsolved mysteries. Among a long list of possible suspects are Queen Victoria’s grandson the Duke of Clarence, who died in an asylum in 1892, and the painter Walter Sickert.

Mr Marriott, who joined Bedfordshire Police in 1970 and worked as a detective constable until the mid-1980s, began researching the Jack the Ripper case in 2003. He has previously published one book on the subject which put forward the name of Carl Feigenbaum, a German merchant executed for the murder of a woman in New York, as a new suspect.

On uncovering references to the ledgers in 2008, Mr Marriott applied to see the documents under the Freedom of Information Act. The Met refused and he appealed to the Information Commissioner who also decided the books should not be revealed.

Now Mr Marriott has undergone the final appeal stage to the Information Tribunal, in which the case is heard by a panel of three judges.

The three-day hearing involved a detective inspector, identified only as ‘D’, speaking to the court from behind a screen because of his sensitive role running the force’s intelligence-gathering operation from informants.

Detective Inspector ‘D’ told the tribunal that unveiling the files could deter informants from coming forward in future, and could even put off members of the public from phoning Crimestoppers or the antiterrorist hotline.

“The interpretation on the street will be that the police have revealed the identity of informants,” said ‘D’.

“Confidence in the system is maintaining the safety of informants, regardless of age.”

Det Insp ‘D’ said the passage of time did not make publication of informants’ identities less sensitive because their descendants could be targeted by criminals with a grudge.

“Look at one of the world’s best-known informants, Judas Iscariot. If someone could draw a bloodline from Judas Iscariot to a present day person then that person would face a risk, although I know that seems an extreme example,” the officer said.

Another senior officer, Detective Superintendent Julian McKinney, told the tribunal that releasing names would make police officers less capable of preventing terrorist attacks and organised crime, and make informants vulnerable to attack.

Det Supt McKinney said: “Regardless of the time, regardless of whether they are dead, they should never be disclosed.

“They come to us only when they have the confidence in our system that their identity will not be disclosed.”

But Mr Marriott said a number of historical files have previously been released which contained details of informants.

He argued there was no evidence to show descendants of informants who have been named had come to harm.

The tribunal decision is expected later this year.

I seriously doubt that releasing these files would make today’s informants less likely to assist the police.

Most of them would probably love to read the files too!

I hope that this guy wins and the documents are released. There is no sensible reason for this level of secretiveness now, it has been long enough that even the revenge against family members makes the police look silly.

Though, it does add fuel to conspiracy theories about the Royal Family, Government Officials and so on.

Maybe the government just wants to keep the mystery alive?

Serial Killer Memorabilia For Sale

On Thursday, the U.S. Marshals Service announced that it was auctioning 60 lots of possessions seized from Ted Kaczynski’s Montana cabin after his 1996 arrest, including the original handwritten and typewritten versions of his infamous “Unabom Manifesto,” his typewriters, shoes, diaries and thousands of books. The proceeds from the sale, which runs from May 18 to June 2, will go to four of his victims and their families. Last year they were awarded $15 million in compensation, a ruling Kaczynski, whose 20-year terror spree killed three people and injured and maimed 23 others, bitterly tried to block on the grounds that it violated his First Amendment rights.

John Wayne Gacy, the man who raped, tortured and killed 33 young men on a horrifying six-year spree, has no similar word of protest about his possessions; he was executed in 1994. And if your shopping taste runs less to dirty shoes and sunglasses and more to scary clowns, a Las Vegas gallery is exhibiting and selling off his works in an exhibition called ” Multiples: The Artwork of John Wayne Gacy.” Gacy, who famously developed a painting hobby while on death row, cranked out dozens of canvases in his last years, from disturbing skulls to portraits of Elvis and Charles Manson to greeting card-ready flowers and birds.

Starting this month and running through September, the Arts Factory is offering his works for between $2,000 and $12,000 apiece, promising that proceeds from the exhibit, “according to the wishes of the executor of Gacy’s art portfolio,” will go to “the community at large, including the Contemporary Arts Center, 18b Arts District and the National Center for Victims of Crime.” But as CNN reported Friday on the “controversial serial killer’s paintings” (as opposed to, say, those of a beloved serial killer),  the National Center for Victims of Crime wants none of it. The advocacy group sent a cease-and-desist letter to the gallery. But owner Westly Myles told KTNV this week, “I see it as an opportunity to help from something that was bad.”

So which is it? Crude exploitation or making lemonade out of senseless crime? The Gacy exhibition’s press materials ponder, “Can we resist the impulse to attribute these inanimate objects, these oil paintings, to evil? Is the gallery a temple in which only those deemed worthy should be displayed, or is it, rather, a courtroom, a place all artists are equally qualified to be judged?” Hitler was an artist too; it’s just not the first of his job titles that springs to mind when you say his name.

The uneasy part of both auctions is the horrible fascination they evoke. The Unabomber auction’s Flickr set alone is hauntingly sad and strangely artistic — like a grimly beautiful Irving Penn tableau.  And while Gacy’s work would hardly make it to the MoMA on its own merits, with the right representation and if you didn’t know the artist, it could still probably fetch a pretty penny at a downtown gallery.


There is always the question of why someone would want to own anything connected to these monsters. I even wonder why.

I guess for some it is simply a shock value / conversation piece.
To some it could be owing a piece of history, no matter how dark.
Some could raise themselves by looking into a part of the abyss that they know they would never enter.
Then there those that are fascinated by the horror  of the monster on the wall blending the  fantasy into the reality.

Regardless of why someone would want to buy Murderabilia there is a greater question.

I have written about Murderabilia before and I even posted a poll about it but I wonder if where the proceeds of the sale goes makes a difference.  The Marshals are giving all proceeds to the victims and the Gacy art show will go to different charities. Does that make it alright?

In my opinion if the proceeds go to victims or charities then sell what you want. I don’t want it, but if it can help others then so be it.

I also wonder how the U.S. Marshal’s sale affects the laws that U.S. Sen. John Cornyn is trying to pass banning all sales of murderabilia.

Cornyn, R-Austin, is expected to announce today — with Mayor Annise Parker at City Hall — the introduction of federal legislation that would ban online sales of such items by making it illegal for prisoners, or another person on their behalf, to mail items to be sold in interstate commerce. The bill aims to remove the financial incentive for prisoners to sell murderabilia and allows victims to recover damages and legal fees from violators.

Read more

I am against criminals profiting from their crimes at the same time I am not sure where the line should be drawn. There are so many gray areas.

If a serial killer has children can the mother of those children auction things to support the kids?

If a person writes to a prisoner and later wants to sell the letters is that alright? What if while corresponding with the prisoner they sent money? Does that count as the prisoner gaining a profit?
(Side note; how different is this from a reporter or author bringing food, soda or snacks to a prisoner?)

There are many sites where one can buy murderabilia if they so choose. Some of the sellers admit that part of the money goes to the criminal and others say that all the criminal gets is attention and correspondence. Some give to victim’s groups and others do not.

The question is,

When, if ever, is it alright to buy or sale murderabilia?

Virginia Beach Cold Case Serial Killer Story (via TyneRose’s Blog)

Virginia Beach Cold Case Serial Killer Story [caption … Read More

via TyneRose's Blog

Serial Killer Sonny Pierce Charged.

A Blue Island man accused of killing three teenagers and raping a fourth was formally charged with their murders Monday.

Sonny Pierce, 27, is charged in the August 2010 sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. DNA collected during that investigation linked him to the murders of two other teens, police said. A computer seized during those investigations connected him, prosecutors said, to a third victim whose body has not been found.

Pierce was indicted Monday with three counts of first-degree murder and an arraignment date was set for May 25, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin said.

Pierce was ordered held without bail April 20.

Kimika Coleman, 18, of Chicago, was found strangled in an alley in Blue Island; Kiara Windom, of Harvey, 18, also strangled, was found in an alley on Chicago’s Southeast Side.

Pierce also is accused of killing Mariah Edwards, 17, whose lifeless body, prosecutors say, appears in a sex tape found on Pierce’s computer. Edwards’ body has not been found.

Pierce met his victims on phone chatlines or the Internet, and would sexually assault them before killing them, authorities said.

Attorney Nicholas Albukerk, who represents Pierce on the sexual assault charges, asked a Cook County judge on April 28 to put Pierce into protective custody while he’s being held without bail in the jail. The request was granted by that afternoon, sheriff’s spokeswoman Liane Jackson said.


Another serial killer abusing technology. Not that I think he would not have killed without it.

Sonny swears to his mom that he did not kill anyone but DNA tells a different story.

He was also a suspect in a death by neglect case when his girlfriend’s son died.

The Blue Island man charged with slaying three teenage women was investigated last summer but never charged in the May “death by neglect” of his girlfriend’s toddler son.

By the time Sonny Pierce, 27, was arrested in August — for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl — he was being investigated but had not been charged in two other slayings as well as the boy’s death, according to court records and authorities.

Pierce, who allegedly strangled two of his victims, told investigators that 17-month-old Jordan Woods had choked inside his apartment, according to a source with knowledge of the case

The toddler was reaching for him, Pierce told authorities, but he ignored the boy because he thought he only wanted attention, the source said.

Pierce’s mother, Esther Pierce-Pearson, said Jordan passed out after suffering from high blood sugar linked to a diabetic condition. The night Jordan died, she said she heard a commotion in her son’s apartment and found him trying to resuscitate the boy.

Jordan had previously suffered a broken leg, the source said, an injury that Pierce attributed to the boy getting his leg caught in a playpen. Pierce’s mother said Thursday that the boy had also had his leg mauled by a dog.

Jordan died May 7 at MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island. An autopsy found the cause and manner of death were inconclusive, according to the Department of Children and Family Services. A worker at the Cook County medical examiner’s office said she could not find their record of the case.

DCFS ruled in September that there was credible evidence against Pierce of death by neglect, an agency spokesman said.

A spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney declined to comment on why charges never were filed. Calls to Blue Island police, who also investigated Jordan’s death, were not returned.

Two months after Jordan died, Pierce allegedly raped and beat to death a neighbor, 17-year-old Mariah Edwards, then put her body in a garbage bag. Her remains have not been found, but police recovered a video from Pierce’s computer of him allegedly having sex with her seemingly lifeless body.

Authorities found additional videos on Pierce’s computer, which was analyzed at an FBI lab in Chicago, but have not yet determined if there were other victims. Pierce told authorities he went online to date and meet other women after he was questioned in the first two murders, records show.


What a winner.

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