Serial Killers: Gerald and Charlene Gallego (via Bonnie’s Blog of Crime)

I agree with the author. Why was she ever released?

Serial Killers: Gerald and Charlene Gallego Pictures: Rhonda Scheffler, Kippi Vaught, Stacey Redican Victims Rhonda Scheffler, 17 [9/11/1978] Kippi Vaught, 16 [9/11/1978] Brenda Judd, 14 [6/24/1979] Sandra Colley, 13 [6/24/1979] Stacey Redican, 17 [4/24/1980] Karen Chipman Twiggs, 17 [4/24/1980] Linda Aguilar and unborn child, 21 [6/7/1980] Virginia Mochel, 34 [7/17/1980] Craig Miller, 21 [11/2/1980] Mary Elizabeth Sowers, 21 [11/2/1980] Charlene Williams Gallego got a plea deal, so she wa … Read More

via Bonnie's Blog of Crime

  1. I think there is a limit to how much we have to accept before killers should just removed permanently from society. She is just as guilty.

    • RR
    • February 2nd, 2013

    Charlene Wiliams (Gallego) is now living under the name Mary Martinez and lives in Fair Oaks CA with her husband Daniel. She’s running some sort of non-profit. Her son Charles Williams (who she gave birth to January 1981 shortly after her arrest died in Afghanistan. Karma? Natural selection? He had the DNA of two serial killers. Their last victim Mary Beth Sowers was a friend. She should have received the death penalty along with her crazy husband. However back in those days they didn’t have the scientific evidence they have today and relied heavily on her testimony and the DA worked out a very generous deal. If this had happened today, they both would have been put on death row, I’m convinced of that.

    • Ilona shafer
    • October 18th, 2014

    It is so shocking that a woman like that should go on and have a regular life ,it boggles the mind that it is possible,she does not deserve it.

  2. The way they got her to testify against him was through switching letters he was sending or receiving from a girlfriend. They directed it to her instead. When she realized he was cheating on her she became angry and agreed to tell d itty against him. She was responsible for luring g in many of the victims and deserves shell if it existskks

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