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If science could alter the mind of a killer, would you approve? (via Anguished Repose)

Interesting Idea.

If science could alter the mind of a killer, would you approve? Would it be nice to be able to control, change, how some people tick… Like THESE people: [via Live Science] Speculation about who might be the alleged serial killer dumping human remains along beaches on Long Island may be unwarranted so early in the investigation, criminologists say. But despite having diverse motives, serial killers do tend to share certain personality traits, and experts are learning more about what makes these killers tick, … Read More

via Anguished Repose

Searchers race against nature for clues to Long Island killings (via This Just In)

One of the blogs I subscribe to.

Watch CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon at 7 p.m. ET for more on the case. On this cold, wind-whipped, rainy spring day, I can tell you one thing about this place: The barrier islands, facing the Atlantic on one side and Great South Bay to the north, are inhospitable and uninviting. But it's the best time of year for investigators searching for more victims. That's because the twisted, prickly, thorny brush — beautiful in its own way — is beginning t … Read More

via This Just In

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