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9th Body Found in New York

INVESTIGATORS found a ninth set of human remains today along a New York beach thought to have been where a serial killer buried victims.

“They are human remains. It’s not a complete body, they are partial human remains,” a source said.

Investigators also said they found a human skull, but it was unclear if it belonged to the ninth victim or was part of another set of remains, according to FOX News Channel.

State Police Captain James Dewar said the remains were discovered about 11.30am (local time) on the north side of Ocean Parkway about 2.4km from Jones Beach, just outside New York City.

Searchers “did locate some bones, and those bones will be transported to the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s office,” Captain Dewar confirmed, without elaborating.

Cops also found remains that were deemed to be animal bones earlier Monday and discovered a third set later in the day that have yet to be identified.

Investigators believe that the Long Island slays were linked to the serial killings of four prostitutes in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 2006 because of similarities in the cases. “It’s the same guy,” a source said.

Another source said that a suspect had been identified – a contention Suffolk County cops have publicly denied.

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Some are speculating that the killer is either a cop or an ex cop. I do not think so. Serial Killers read books about other serial killers and learn. They also are known to be big fans of cop shows. I think the killer is just someone who has studied.

With the new information coming out it does look like it is the same killer.

Police have yet to link their deaths with the four victims in New Jersey –  Kim Raffo, Molly Jean Dilts, Barbara Breidor and Tracy Ann Roberts. But there are several coincidences.

In each case, the killer dumped four prostitutes near water and in close proximity. The bodies were in various stages of decomposition, suggesting he kept some for a  time after they died.

All eight were sex workers, and the four in New York used Craigslist. Each had been strangled.

He had removed the shoes from both sets of bodies, though the women in New Jersey were clothed. Those in Long Island had been stripped naked and were found without jewellery or belongings, each wrapped in burlap.

‘It’s the same guy,’one law-enforcement source told the Post.

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The article also goes into more information about the calls the killer made to Melissa’s younger sister.

The twisted Craigslist Ripper stalked the teenage sister of one of his victims, taunting her in six telephone calls.

He even revealed to 16-year-old Amanda Barthelemy that her sister Melissa was a prostitute – a secret she had kept from her family.

The sadistic serial killer, who police fear may have stalked and strangled to death at least eight vice girls over the past five years, would only talk to the teen.

Four bodies were dug up in Long island near Gilgo Beach last December, including Barthelemy, an aspiring hairdresser, who disappeared from her Bronx apartment in July, 2009.

The 24-year-old had not told her mother she was advertising her services on Craigslist and had been having sex with clients for more than a year.

According to the New York Post, the killer said to Amanda: ‘Is this Melissa’s little sister?’. ‘Yes,’ replied the girl.

‘Do you know what your sister is doing?  She’s a whore.’ Barthelemy had lied to her mother, Lynn, that she was an exotic dancer. Half a dozen more calls and texts followed in the next six weeks.

The killer always phoned in the evenings, spoke for less than three minutes and in a low voice, calmly mocking the youngster. The family feared he had seen Amanda when she visited her sister’s home and stayed over.


Edit, Some are reporting that the 10th set of bones have been identified as human which bring this up to 10 bodies, not 9.

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