New York and NJ May Share a Killer

According to the NY Post a Suffolk County (NY) spokesperson confirmed that the NY police are in touch with the New Jersey police.

The New York Post has dubbed the unknown serial killer Long Island’s Jack the Ripper.

(I do not like that name. Makes me think of a slasher and I do not think that is the case. I know, a very idiotic thing to complain about but it does seem to feed into a glorification of the killer and well as misinformation as to method. I also am no fan of the way that they speak of the victims.)

Suffolk County cops said today they are exploring new information suggesting a link between Long Island’s Jack the Ripper and the murder of four hookers in Atlantic City in 2006.

“Our homicide detectives are in touch with the police investigating the Atlantic City murders,” a Suffolk police spokesman said.

The Post reported today that Kim Raffo, one of the victims of a suspected Atlantic City serial killer, spent five weeks on Long Island with husband Hugh Auslander shortly before she vanished.

Madelaine Vitale, a spokeswoman for the county prosecutor in New Jersey’s Atlantic County, said there have been no developments in the unsolved hooker homicides near Atlantic City since the bodies began appearing on Long Island last year.

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The NY Post is also stating that the police have a suspect.

Police believe they know the identity of the Long Island Ripper, The Post has learned.

Cops on Long Island are “looking at somebody,” said a law-enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation.

He refused to elaborate.

The stunning revelation comes as police are exploring a possible link between the serial killer — suspected of dumping the bodies of eight victims along a remote Suffolk beachfront — and the grisly murders of four hookers in Atlantic City in 2006.

“Our homicide detectives are in touch with the [Atlantic City] police,” a Suffolk police spokesman told reporters.

The four remains discovered in December — all later identified as Craigslist hookers — had been wrapped in burlap.

But the new discoveries — one found last week and three more Monday — were dumped in a different manner, and were also found farther east off Ocean Parkway, the source said.

Cops have not determined how long the remains had been there, and the new discoveries may predate the others, they said.

“We don’t know their sex, we don’t know their age, we don’t know anything about them,” Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said from the mobile command center at Oak Beach.

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I am not a fan of the NY Post, I think that they run wild with stories. The stories also strike me as tabloid stories rather than news stories. They also have a habit of having a lot of ‘unnamed sources’.

I do hope though that they are right about a possible suspect.

  1. Great site psychowatcher. I sure hope they have a suspect and are not just chasing a parked car. If he is linked to the Atlantic City murders it means he is mobile and doesn’t mind relocating. Sleeping with one eye open 😦

    • If he isn’t linked that means that there are 2 unknown serial killers that were in that area. The NJ one could have moved anywhere.

      Thank you for the compliment. I love reading your blog.

  2. That includes Gilgo Beach and Ocean Parkway which youve probably heard mentioned. Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said the different methods used to dispose of the bodies is not the only factor that sets the cases apart..

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