Baltimore Serial Killer William Brown


Arrested in 2008 after 5 women strangled

By Stephen Janis
William Vincent Brown, a petty drug dealer and one-time bus driver pleaded guilty to a string of murders that left at least two women dead and one disfigured over a 10-month stretch between 2003 and 2004, according to online court records.

The plea directly links the murders of two women and the vicious beating and rape of another to Brown, making him a full-fledged serial killer who haunted Northwest Baltimore, leaving in his wake the broken bodies of women and fears of a man terrorizing city streets, that police dismissed.

Brown entered the pleas just before facing trial for the murder of Emma O’Hearn, whose head was crushed against a sidewalk after she was raped in June 2003. O’Hearn was in a coma for six months before she died in December of that year.

He also pled guilty to the rape and murder of Antania Mills, a 15-year-old Northwest Baltimore girl who was sodomized, strangled, and left for dead in a North Baltimore schoolyard in March 2004.

Last month Brown was found guilty of raping and then disfiguring a Baltimore woman he picked up on Poplar Grove Street in the summer of 2003. The victim testified in court that Brown drove her to Leakin Park, raped her in the back of his car and strangled her before cutting off her ear.

Brown was convicted of attempted murder and rape by a city jury.

The admission of guilt, along with the conviction handed down last month, ties Brown not only to the string of murders and rapes that occurred in Northwest Baltimore in 2003 and 2004, but gives credence to claims made by other women that Brown assaulted them as well.

In 2008 shortly after Brown was arrested, several sex workers in the Wilkins Avenue area said they had violent encounters with a man they identified as Brown.

One of those woman, Dawn Wolford, identified Brown as a man who had beaten her shortly before he was arrested.

Wolford was questioned by police and allegedly identified Brown from a line-up but he was not charged with her assault.

Brown’s arrest occurred in 2008 shortly after five women with records of prostitution were strangled in the Northwest and Southwest areas of the city.

Four of those cases remain unsolved.

Brown told police that he frequented the Poplar Grove area, where he would drink with friends and then cruise the streets searching for drug-addled women, the same area where a mysterious phone call alerted police to the

whereabouts of the body of Brenda Hatfield, the last victim of the five women who perished in the summer of 2008.

Hatfield’s body was left at the end of a secluded trail on a secondary parking lot of a West Baltimore Church. She had been raped and strangled.

In 2005 police linked the DNA found on the bodies of O’Hearn, Mills, and the victim who survived, to a single person. However police did not make a positive match to Brown until July 2008.



Just an hour before Judge Timothy Dory sentenced William Vincent Brown to consecutive life sentences for the murders of two women and brutal beating and rape of another, Brown heard from his only living victim one last time.

“You tried to take my life!” said the woman who Brown was convicted of raping and strangling on a dark and desolate stretch of road in Leakin Park, and leaving for dead in the summer of 2003.

“But God let me live,” she said, tears streaming from her eyes.

“And God is telling me to pray for you.”

It was one of several dramatic confrontations between the 43-year-old Brown and his victim, encounters that left jurors in tears during his trial for strangling and disfiguring her — he cut off part of her ear before leaving her for dead — confrontations that seemed to evince the raw edges of inchoate anger that lingered in the courtroom as a phalanx of nearly a dozen corrections officers surrounded Brown in a circle of institutional muscle.

In pre-sentencing arguments prosecutors read details into the record about the deaths of O’Hearn and 15-year-old Antiana Mills, who Brown pled guilty to brutally raping and strangling.
“She was left naked on the side of the road next to a trash can, with underwear around her neck,” said prosecutors of the teenaged Mills

Brown’s mother, Viola Lindsey, also spoke, telling the court that the man with 14 lifetime convictions, including four violent crimes against women, was raised in a loving home.

“He is a decent man,” she said.

“I pray for both sides.”

But it was the testimony of the one surviving victim that transfixed the packed courtroom yet again.

Fixing her gaze upon Brown the victim described how he turned into a monster the evening he raped her on a deserted stretch of road in Leakin Park.

“There is something inside you,” she said. “There is something wrong with you.

“But standing here I can’t hate you, I can only pray for you.”



  1. It is scary that such animals prey the streets of America, correction the globe. Fourteen life sentences is not good enough for the beast. Every morning that the sun rises, someone should be there to cut off an part of this beast’s limb. Make him suffer as he made his victims suffer.

    • britt
    • September 16th, 2012

    my bff used 2 live by leakin park and i used to catch hacks home from around there and i swear i was in the car with this guy and i went with my instinct and ran out of the car at a stop sign b4 we entered the park i cried once i saw his face i knew it was him id neer forget those cold eyes thats how i know im here for a reason i just gotta find out what it is …..

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