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Jack Mogale, African Serial Killer Guilty of 52 Crimes

Jack Mogale has been found guilty in the South Gauteng High Court of 52 of the 61 charges against him, including rape, kidnapping and murder.

Judge Frans Kgomo found Mogale guilty of nine kidnappings, 19 rapes, 16 murders, an attempted murder, three robberies with aggravating circumstances, a fraud or theft, an assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, a sexual assault and an escape from lawful custody, notes a report on the IoL site. Mogale (42) had pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Dubbed the ‘West-End serial killer’ by police before his identity was discovered, Mogale lured adult black females to open areas where he raped and murdered them. This was often at the West-End brick and clay factory near his home in Waterworks, Westonaria, and at various locations in Lenasia.


“I didn’t do anything. You know how life is, this is a challenge, I didn’t do any of those things. I don’t even know those women”

These were the words of serial killer and rapist Jack Mogale before he was found guilty of 52 crimes, including 16 murders and 12 rapes.

Judge Frans Kgomo described Mogale as a liar who contradicted himself numerous times and tried to shift blame every time he was cornered.

“I can safely say that the accused was an untruthful witness whose evidence cannot be relied on. He contradicted himself and came up with new versions. I formed the impression that he was not telling the whole truth,” said Kgomo.

“The state has proved beyond reasonable doubt the accused’s guilt”.

Mogale may have been nailed by DNA evidence, admissions, two women who survived his killing spree and a confession statement he made after the arrest, but it was his fiancee, main state witness Charlotte Manaka who put the nail in the coffin with a testimony that contradicted all of Mogale’s versions.

Kgomo started judgment by dismissing Mogale’s version that police had conspired against him by taking a used condom from his house on the day he was arrested and using the specimen found in it as DNA evidence.

“This defense is very suspicious, especially because the DNA kit was compiled long before the accused was even identified as a suspect and long before he was arrested. The accused’s own girlfriend testified that they were not using condoms,” said the judge.

The judge also said Manaka confirmed that Mogale normally wore a Zion Christian Church badge or sangoma beads. That confirmed the evidence of two women who said they were tricked into believing Mogale was a prophet sent by God to cure them. They both identified him by the badge and sangoma beads.

Kgomo further rejected Mogale’s version that police fabricated the contents of his confession statement, calling it a “fragment of his own imagination”.

Mogale killed 16 women and raped 12 in the Lenasia and Westonaria area between 2008 and 2009. He was also convicted on numerous counts of theft, kidnapping, sexual assault and escaping from lawful custody.

One of the alleged victims was 19 years old when Mogale allegedly battered her face with a brick while raping her in an open veld in Westonaria.

She testified that she had accepted a lift from Mogale and only realised that she was in danger when he took the wrong turn and became aggressive when she asked where they were going.

The woman said after the rape, he left her unconscious and bleeding in the veld. She only woke up the following day and crawled to a nearby road where she was able to get help.

Mogale allegedly murdered Hanyeleni Mhangwani who had testified against him in a RDP house fraud case at Westonaria magistrate’s court.

He also raped and killed Dipuo Mogadi, Umanikazonke Sindane, Sonto Tsotetsi, Nothembela Ndabisa, Dipuo Denese, Mamikie Tlallo and nine other women whose bodies have not been identified.

“Evidence showed that a sim card belonging to the accused was inserted in the victim’s missing cellphone. The accused could not explain how that happened when he was questioned,” said Kgomo.

The judge went on to say that evidence indicates that the murders were the work of a serial killer and it all pointed to Mogale.

“In the light of the totality of evidence, much of which is uncontested such as the DNA evidence, the admissions and testimonies, it can be confirmed that in all the bodies, except the one of a child, the cause of death was strangulation. Bodies were left in sexual positions, naked and raped,” said the judge.

“On the day he was arrested, the accused displayed hatred for women, he behaved like a psychopath and even showing his manhood to the female police officer. When he met the same policewoman at the station he said “when I come out of here you will be the first person I rape and kill”

The pre-sentencing trial will start on Thursday.

New Age Article


Serial Killers are Not just American White Males.

As information is shared and knowledge is gained the stereotypes that allow some serial killers to continue hiding in plain sight will dissipate. People will hopefully become more aware and maybe lives can be saved.


I just wanted to take a break for a minute to send my deepest sympathies and condolences to all of the people who have been so deeply affected by this tragedy.


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