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Quick NY Update

Laptop of pimp Akeem Cruz targeted in probe of slain bodies dumped on Long Island beach

BY John Marzulli and Alison Gendar
Saturday, March 5th 2011, 4:00 AM

Akeem Cruz was the pimp of 22-year-old Megan Waterman, and also one of the last people to see her alive. Feds are searching his laptop for information.

A pimp of one of the slain craigslist hookers dumped on an isolated Long Island beach is in the feds’ cross hairs.

FBI agents sought a search warrant this week to troll through the laptop of Akeem Cruz, a Brooklyn pimp and cocaine dealer, according to records filed in  Brooklyn Federal Court.

Cruz, also known as “Vybe” and “Mello,” was one of the last people known to have seen 22-year-old  Megan Waterman alive when he pimped her out at a  
Holiday Inn Express
in Hauppauge, L.I., around  Memorial Day, according to her family and court records.

Waterman’s remains, along with those of three other missing prostitutes, were found on Gilgo Beach in December. Suffolk cops have said they believe the slayings were the work of a serial killer.

The court records don’t mention Waterman’s murder, but do say Cruz posted numerous craigslist ads selling the Maine woman’s sexual services.
Megan Waterman’s remains were found on Gilgo Beach in December.

Scott Lee Kimball kind of admits guilt

Letter: Serial killer Scott Lee Kimball admits full responsibility in deaths

By Erica Meltzer and John Aguilar, Camera Staff Writers

Posted: 03/02/2011 08:56:24 PM MST

Scott Kimball

In a 147-page letter to his family, serial killer Scott Lee Kimball for the first time admitted his full responsibility in the deaths of his four known victims, according to a summary of the document obtained by the Camera on Wednesday.

Kimball, who committed the murders while working as an informant for the FBI, pleaded guilty in 2009 to two counts of second-degree murder. Despite his guilty plea, though, he maintained that, while he was involved with the deaths, other people were present and, in two of the cases, fired the shots that killed the victims.

The letter is in the hands of the FBI, and a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed its authenticity.

According to the summary, Kimball said he was responsible for the death of Kaysi McLeod, 19, of Westminster, and disposed of her remains, though he did not plan for her to die. Kimball reportedly wrote that he was the only person present when McLeod overdosed on alcohol, methamphetamine and oxycontin that he gave her.

Kaysi McLeod disappeared on her way to work at Subway in 2003. Kimball, who was dating McLeod’s mother, was supposed to give her a ride that day, but he earlier claimed he went hunting instead. McLeod’s body was found by a hunter in Jackson County in 2007.

Kimball had previously admitted to being present when McLeod overdosed but said that other people were there.

The summary says Kimball also confessed to killing Jennifer Marcum, 25, of Aurora. He previously said he facilitated her death in a Utah canyon in 2003, but someone else shot her. He reportedly writes in the letter that he prepared a “hot shot” to kill the single mother and exotic dancer with an overdose of heroin.

Her body has still not been found.

Scott Kimball led investigators to the remains of LeAnn Emry, 24, of Centennial, in a canyon near Moab, Utah, but he had maintained someone else shot the woman, who was the girlfriend of Kimball’s former cellmate. According to the summary, Kimball admits in the letter that he shot Emry twice in the back of the neck when she tried to escape him.

Kimball also repeated his confession to the murder of his uncle, Terry Kimball, 60, of Westminster, in the letter.

Ed Coet, Kimball’s cousin and the author of a book on his crimes, has seen the letter and confirmed the details in the summary. He said Kimball knows the FBI has the letter and is prepared to be interviewed again about the crimes.

Coet said Kimball is concerned with the salvation of his soul.

“Scott does not want to go to hell when he dies,” he said.

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I can not think of a better final resting place for Mr. Kimball than Hell!

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