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Family helps to catch a predator

Imagine waking up to a man standing over you in bed with a knife.

Imagine hearing your 15 year old child making a noise in the other room. You get up to see why and find a man standing over her with a knife.

Imagine finding out that that man has killed before.

A very brave and lucky family in Massachusetts does not have imagine any of that. It happened to them.

Adam Leroy Lane entered a home through a door that had been left unlocked.  He held a knife to the throat of a 15 year-old girl, threatening to kill her if she made any noise. The teenager did make a few muffled cries that were heard by her parents. Her parents entered her room and found Lane over their daughter with a knife, he was attempting to rape the 15 year old girl.

Kevin McDonough seized Lane and held him in a headlock on the floor. Jeannie McDonough  grabbed the knife cutting herself in the struggle.  Shea ran out of the house and called police.

While Jeannie McDonough’s husband struggled to hold down the masked intruder who had attacked their sleeping daughter, the man tried to convince the mother to let him walk away.

“He said he was nobody and to just let him go,” McDonough said.

But McDonough knew she couldn’t let Adam Leroy Lane escape. What she wouldn’t learn until later was that her family had helped capture a man suspected in a string of unsolved crimes along the East Coast.

In court, Jeannie McDonough glared at Lane as she described the psychological trauma the attack caused.

“Realize this, Adam Leroy Lane, that someday you will be held accountable — not only in a court of law,” she said.

About a month after Lane’s arrest in Massachusetts, he was charged in Massaro’s killing. Pennsylvania authorities said they were investigating Lane in connection with the July 13 fatal stabbing of Darlene Ewalt, 42, in her West Hanover Township house, and the July 17 slashing of a Conewago Township woman who survived.

Wikipedia has very little on him but you can read it here.

CBS News Source


Bloomsbury killer Adam Leroy Lane sentenced to life in Pa. murder


BLOOMSBURY — A former trucker already sentenced to decades in prison for the murder of a Bloomsbury woman and the stabbing of a Massachusetts girl was sentenced in Harrisburg, Pa. on June 28 to life plus up to 20 years for similar attacks in Pennsylvania.

“He will die in prison,” Francis T. Chardo, Dauphin County’s first assistant district attorney said Wednesday.

Adam Leroy Lane, 45, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and other charges for the July 2007 murder of Darlene Ewalt outside her Harrisburg area home and the attempted slashing murder of Patricia Brooks while asleep in her York, Pa. area home. The plea deal spared Lane from the state’s death penalty.


The Pennsylvania attacks began a 17 day string of attacks by Lane in three states during July of 2007. In all four cases, prosecutors said the former North Carolina trucker picked his victims at random near the interstate highways he traveled, attacking them at their homes.

Lane was sentenced in October 2008 to 50 years in New Jersey state prison for the murder of Monica Massaro of Bloomsbury during a July 2007 home invasion. Prior to that sentence, Lane had been extradited from Massachusetts where he was serving at least 25 years for the knife attack of a 15-year-old girl just days after Massaro’s attack.

Full story here

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