Manson trying for a new trial

The lawyer says that he does not care about the “details” of the case.

I guess all the dead and injured are just details. I guess all the other people damaged or touched by these crimes are just details that this lawyer does not care about.

He says he cares about the “law”. I call B.S. He does not care about the law, he care about making a name for himself. He is the type of person that would fight for a pedophile to be able to keep his daycare center job on a technicality.

If Manson does get out I say he has to be under house arrest AT this lawyers house! That way not only will he be confined with Charlie, all the disassociated messed up people who are attracted to Manson can go to his home.

To claim that the trial was unfair because Charles Manson did not represent himself is insane. If he had been allowed to that would have been a reason…

I heard that the lawyer is also claiming that because there was no mistrial after the jury learned Nixon said Manson was guilty is another reason Manson deserves a new trial… Manson was the one that showed the jury the headlines! He should NOT benefit from his own bad deeds.

This a shame. The public’s tax money is going towards this and it is ridiculous!

One day I will go into my thoughts and ideas of Charles Manson and his so-called ‘family’.  Let’s just say for now that I believe their original sentences should have been applied!

An interesting article on these crimes.

  1. LOL! The Lawyer was arrested:

    Saddam’s lawyer arrested in Palma de Mallorca for fraud
    by Nicola Henderson published: 16th Feb, 2011

    A lawyer nick-named ‘The Devils Advocate’ because of his role defending a number of infamous criminals and murders, has been arrested at his home in the exclusive community of Son Vida, near Palma de Mallorca. Giovanni Di Stefano, who is Italian-British, is accused by British police of fraud, theft and money-laundering between 2004 and 2009.

    Mr Di Stefano was part of the team defending Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi foreign minister Tarik Aziz. Other notorious clients include Serbian Slobodan Milosevic, serial killers Harold Shipman & Ian Brady, child molester Gary Glitter, great train robber Ronnie Biggs, time-share fraudster John ‘Goldfinger’ Palma and serial hostage-taker and robber Charles Bronson.

    A City of London police spokesman said “This action was the result of a European Arrest Warrant issued at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on January 31 on matters relating to fraud, theft and money laundering.

    “The investigation is being conducted by City of London Police’s economic crime directorate who continue to liaise with the Spanish authorities with a view to bringing the arrested man to the UK.”

    The Majorca Daily Bulletin has reported that Di Stefano told Palma police that his arrest is politically motivated due to his involvement in trying to bring ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair to trial for war crimes in Iraq. Mr Di Stefano was hospitalised after the arrest, reportedly due to a cancer related illness.

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