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One or two? Not enough information yet.

Barbara Breidor, Kim Raffo, Molly Dilts, Tracy Roberts

I have a habit of getting little obsessions and since this is my blog I am going to indulge myself here. I am sorry if I ramble and also sorry for how long this will be. Maybe it will end up as a few separate posts. *

For the last few days and nights I have been reading whatever I can find on the 4 murdered women found in New York 12/15/10 and the 4 dead women found in New Jersey 11/20/06. I have been trying to figure out if in my opinion there is one or two serial killers to blame. I keep bouncing back and forth due to lack of information in both cases.

I have went back and found as many article as I could on the New Jersey case but even with many years passing the police have released little. What I have been able to find out is:

  • All four women were facing the same direction, east, looking towards the boardwalk and the casinos. Although it was called a dump site the women had been placed there not simply thrown there like trash. I suppose the speculation about the killer carrying and placing the victims in a way that led to the all facing east could be valid but I don’t think that was the case. I think that they were placed there and their heads were turned to face the casinos on purpose. It brought to my mind Edmund Kemper who placed one of his victim’s in the yard facing his mom’s window. I do wonder if the killer wanted these women to look over at him as he did his work on the boardwalk.
  • All four were barefoot, no socks and no shoes. Although I saw reports of people talking about the prostitutes in that area running around without shoes this was late November in NJ. I think it would have been too cold for this to have been the case. It could have been a way for the killer to slow down any escape attempt but I tend to lean with those that think the killer had either a foot or a shoe fetish.
  • Two were strangled with either a cord or a rope. The other two were too decomposed to give a definite cause of death but I am willing to  guess that all were killed in the same manner.
  • All the woman were addicted to drugs or alcohol before they were killed. They were found to have very high amounts of the drug of their choice in their systems. I find this interesting since it implies that the killer could have given the women those large amounts as a way to entice them and or sedate them. It is not often that ‘working girls’ can afford very large amounts of their drug and in this case all 4 were able to obtain large enough amounts that it was notable by the police and the press. It also makes me wonder if he knew them or if he at least spent enough time with them to know their vices.
  • The women were all dumped (placed) within about a month and 1/2 of each other. They seemed to have been killed and discarded in a short time. The dump site was found was found within 24 hours of the last victim being put there.

Molly Dilts last seen 10/07/06

Barbara Breidor last seen 10/17/06

Tracy Roberts last seen mid November (07-15) 06

Kim Raffo last seen 11/19/06

Bodies discovered 11/20/06

  • The women were discovered in shallow running water, probably an attempt to wash away any evidence. It seems to have worked.

Once the bodies were found the killer seemed to have stopped killing.

Maybe it was that the bodies were found. It scared him. Made him stop for a while and he had to get his satisfaction just reading reports and following the investigation through the press. If he was like many other killers he knew a cop or a reporter or maybe someone that was in that area that would have been there when the police were there. He got his thrills that way, vicariously. It was enough to quell his want. That would only last for so long.

Then other things popped up and he did just stop killing. He might have, I know it is a popular idea that serial killers can not just stop but that is not entirely true. Just like the rest of us, serial killers have lives and sometimes their lives ‘interfere’ (for lack of a better word) with things like killing. Maybe he got a new job, had a new baby, got married, had a death in th family or any other ‘normal’ thing. The things that would normally take our time away from the internet, shopping, bar hopping, socializing; take a serial killer away from his fantasies, his ‘hunting’ and his killing.

All of that is possible. It is also possible that he did stop because his dumping and hunting grounds were discovered. Maybe he did stop the killing and enjoyed his ‘fame’ and the fact that the cops had no clue. He probably still stalked & hunted but because the police were so close he new that he he could not act on his desires. He also learned from his mistakes. He evolved and in doing so found a new way to hunt and a new place to dispose of his victims.

Hence the reason I still wonder if the two ‘dumping’ grounds are connected to the same killer.

There are many differences, some very important, that have me sitting on the fence. I can not say that he did start stalking on Craigslist so that his victims were not locals. I can not say that he did choose another place to place his victims.

I do not think that he just died or was arrested the day after the bodies were found.

I actually think that the ‘dumping grounds’ show that is very well could be 2 killers.

There were a few suspects in the New Jersey case but none were firm. Terry Oleson was the most ‘popular’ suspect. He was charged with video taping his ex’s daughter. I just do not think it was him. He might have been a slime ball but I do not think he was capable of these murders. Whatever else he did, on the limited information that I have I doubt he had anything to do with these killings.

I will go into the New York Victims soon. Then compare contrast and maybe then I can give an honest opinion without boncing back and forth.

This is over 1,000 words now and other things call so I will have to do that later.






Serial rapist kills prison guard.

I originally read about this story here.

A woman, Jayme Biendl, was killed by a serial rapist in prison. She had been a guard for  9 years. She was the only guard in the chapel. She had previously complained about that but from everything I can read she was not complaining about safety issues and her complaints had more to do with the amount of area she had to cover alone. It was a medium security facility.

The killer, Byron Scherf, is a serial rapist who is doing a life sentence on the 3 strikes law. Yes, 3 strikes.

In 1978 he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault after attacking a 16-year-old girl with a knife. He served just two years of a 10-year sentence and was released in 1980.

Less than a year after getting out on early release  he abducted a young Pierce County waitress at knifepoint, bound her, raped her, and then doused the room she was in with gasoline and set it on fire, according to court records. He served just 12 years and was paroled.

In 1995 he told a 37 year old real estate agent woman he wanted to look at a home for sale, then forced her at gunpoint into the trunk of his car and later raped her.  He also threatened to kill her and her daughter if she reported the attack. He was arrested several days later in Post Falls, Idaho. He was convicted in 1997 and was given life in prison.

Since 1997 he has behaved in prison according to officials. He has not had any serious disciplinary actions, he has held a prison job, he did not get involved in any gangs and was basically being a good boy.  Personally not having serious behavior problems while in prison does not seem very hard. On top of that the use of the word serious tells me that he did get into trouble, he just got into less than some of the other prisoner!

Not surprisingly those that love and care for the woman that he killed where not really impressed by his prison record either.

In what he called a plan to escape he strangled Jayme Biendl to death with a microphone cord. He then changed his mind and was found in the prison chapel where Ms. Biendl’s body was also found. He was covered in scratches so we know that this woman fought for her life.

There is discussion over why it took officials almost 90 minutes to find her body but I have to say in my opinion they probably did not go looking for her right away since she was a good employee and they were not keeping tabs on her.

I do not know how long he was considered ‘missing’ but there was a short search for him. They found him pretty quickly which might be another reason they did not notice her missing right off. Of course he did not just admit what he did so it was a little while before they found her body.

What I do not understand is how a serial rapist gets to serve his life sentence in a medium security facility. The fact that he raped assaulted and kidnapped multiple women over the years should have kept him in a maximum security prison since they did not do the right thing and give him the death penalty. Did they expect him to be ‘fixed’? To get better? At least one person 30 years ago acknowledged how dangerous this man is.

A staff psychiatrist at Western State Hospital who examined Byron Scherf 30 years ago predicted that no amount of treatment or incarceration would curb Scherf’s propensity for violence.

“… I feel that even after treatment for his rape tendencies, he would still be of strong enough antisocial personality that he would continue to break the law,” staff psychiatrist Donald F. Allison wrote in a 1981 report to a Pierce County judge.


I have said before that violent serial offenders do not get better and remain a risk to society. While they are in prison they are a risk to anyone that enters the gates. Fine, for argument’s sake all prisoners present some risk but serial offenders are a much higher risk and have nothing to offer back.

There is also much discussion about the lack of funding for prisons, the cut backs causing the guards to be reduced and the fact there is a lack of support for the officers in prison. All issues that are important and all things that need to be looked at and fixed. We send our worse into the prisons and ask the guards to protect us (and the prisoners) as well as make sure the prisoners are treated ‘right’ even when they throw piss and crap at the guards and we need to make sure that we are taking care of the guards.

I feel so bad for those that knew and loved Jayme Biendl. I hope better security and tougher reforms are made so that her death has something ‘positive’ come out of it.

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