• darryl
    • May 10th, 2014

    Just watched the Dateline show, we’re any of the people from the construction companies ever looked at?

    • I believe that the police and most experts think that the women were killed elsewhere and dumped at the location.

      “Dirk Gibson, an expert on serial killers who teaches the University of New Mexico, said the unsolved West Mesa murders are Albuquerque’s “crime of the century.”

      “This is almost certainly a case of serial murder. Unless a number of women independently decided to walk there to die, there is no other explanation besides serial murder,” Gibson said. “The West Mesa site is only a dumping ground. The murders were committed elsewhere. It is possible that the murders are on-going, but that a different dump site is being used.””


      ” Montano said there are suspects in the case his investigators are handling, but so far, there is nothing prosecutable. Over the last five years, Albuquerque detectives have looked into dozens of locals who may have had a propensity toward violence against women.”


      I would hope that the construction company employees were looked at closely since they would be knowledgeable about the site and the daily operations including when and where you could dump a body without raising suspicion.
      I can not find anything stating that as a fact but it makes sense.

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