Do New York and New Jersey Share a Serial Killer?

Four dead women were found dumped on a roadside at a New York beach. The police believe all the woman were killed by 1 person. The bodies were discovered as police instigated a missing person case. The bodies were badly decomposed but it is already being said that one of the bodies might be Megan Waterman, 22, who was using the online classified ad site to solicit sex. Craigslist.

This killer may also be connected to 4 bodies that were found in New Jersey in 2006. Those women were found in a drainage ditch behind a strip of seedy motels in Egg Harbor a few miles from Atlantic City. All of the woman were white, shoe less, missing their socks and were (suspected) sex workers. A side note is that it was reported that all of the women were facing east. Due to the varying levels of decay the woman were thought to have been dumped there at different times.
The killer was never caught.



Video here



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