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B.T.K. The World’s Most Elusive Killer

Interesting video, multiple parts.

Dennis Rader.

MinnPost – Canadians struggle to understand one of the most unusual serial killers in their country’s history

MinnPost – Canadians struggle to understand one of the most unusual serial killers in their country’s history.

On The Farm gives voice to Pickton’s victims

On The Farm

Interview with the author and information on Robert Pickton and those he killed.

I have not yet read it but I hope to soon.


I have read that by discussing serial killers and not using the victim’s names we are somehow making the killer into a public figure and forgetting those that they killed. I have to disagree.
I do think we often forget the names of those killed, but it is because we are horrified by their deaths we remember the one that did it. The names of the dead might not be screamed daily but we never forget them.
I also have an issue with what the general world and more so the media, considers a victim in these crimes. We forget that not only the dead are victims.
Those dead often have family. They suffer greatly. They not only lose a loved one they are dragged through years an years of court proceedings. They have to keep facing the person that destroyed their loved one. The press sticks cameras and microphones in their faces asking how the feel about the case, the killer, the dead, and so much more. No matter what the people say, how they say it, these family members are scrutinized and remembered for a moment in time when they where in pain, reacting to wounds that are not being allowed to heal.
The ‘victims’ of Dahmer will forever be burned into my mind by Rita Isabell. She is the sister of Errol Lindsey. She is the one that showed Jeffery what ‘out of control’ looks like. Do you think she wants to be remembered for that day? Not that she did anything wrong, but she will always be seen as the lady that “freaked out” on Dahmer. (Google it)
Sometimes they also have to deal with that loved one’s name being dragged through the mud. Fingers point at them even though they could have been a perfect family. If they were not the perfect family they end up defending the dead and themselves.
The killer often has family. They are scarred by the killer’s actions as well. There are many cases where the family was loving and tried their best yet the killer’s actions have now thrust them into unwanted and unearned spotlights and headlines. They did nothing to earn the shame, confusion and scorn but they get a lot of it.
Imagine being Ted Bundy’s mom for a minute. Or Dennis Rader’s kid or wife. How many times have they been asked how did they not know, how does it feel to have lived with a monster, what was he really like? Accusations, insensitive comments and the fact that you now have to live knowing that you loved a “monster”.
I have never contacted a serial killer and I have never spoken to the family of one. I do not think I want to.
I have been in contact with the son of a man that was killed by a serial killer. I am not going into too much of his information, I do not think he wants to be known as a victim. I will say that his life and the life of the others in his family have not gotten any better since then. “S” (what I am calling him) is a drug addict and so is his mother. I am not saying that either of them would be on the straight and narrow if S’s dad had not been killed in a very public serial killing case I am saying that it made life much much harder.
He wrote briefly about the fact that his mom >kind of< used this incident as a reason to delve deeper into drugs and alcohol. He also writes of how it affected him and his relationship with his mother.
S also wrote about the shame of having his dad connected to the drugs and seedy places and possibly things that allowed the predator to get close enough to him to kill him. Some true, some possible, some outright lies.
Imagine growing up with the shame of everyone knowing your dad was an addict, hanging out in seedy bars, being lured to another man's place for who knows what and then murdered. Not only did dad disappear when he was found everything bad that he did (or did not do but could have done) was public, front page news.
Yeah, the dead are far from the only 'victims' in serial killings.

Sorry for the rant. | Denver | Colorado’s Online News Leader | Serial killer’s DNA not a match in Hettrick murder case | Denver | Colorado’s Online News Leader | Serial killer’s DNA not a match in Hettrick murder case.


DENVER – DNA on the body of murder victim Peggy Hettrick does not match the DNA of serial killer Scott Kimball, 9Wants to Know has learned. Investigators have been trying to find her killer since Tim Masters was released from prison in 2008 after he was wrongly tried and convicted for her 1987 murder.

Night Stalker case shows DNA-testing still lags | San Francisco Examiner

Night Stalker case shows DNA-testing still lags | San Francisco Examiner.


Richard Ramirez dna linked to dead 9 year old girl. Her name is Mei Leung


SAN FRANCISCO — It took 11 months, but the DNA of infamous “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez has finally been retested, allowing police to close the case of the 1984 murder of a 9-year-old girl in the Tenderloin.

Pera said the turnaround time for DNA tests — crucial work in solving long-cold cases — is still as slow as ever.

“The lab is still very understaffed,” she said. “There’s still only a few people that do the DNA analysis.”

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

Jennings, Louisiana Murders

Tonight I decided to tackle this page on my Real Life Monsters site.
Big mistake.
I have been working on it since about 4 Sunday afternoon. It is now 12 and 1/2 hours later and I am again frustrated and confused.
I first heard about the ‘possible serial killer’ in 2007. I thought the news said Jefferson Parish (it is Jefferson Davis; much further away), meaning next door so I paid closer attention. That first time I tried to find information on the case and I kept running into brick walls. This time was no different.
It was the murder of Whitnei Dubois that started me following the case. She was a pretty girl, a young mom who choose a hard path. Yeah, she did drugs, sold her body and partied a lot.
She was also, as I said, a mom, she was also a daughter, a friend to some, a human being and she was found dead right around Mother’s Day.
Whitnei was also the first time the sheriff’s department admitted a possible connection between the others that I knew of. She was the 4th victim in a string of 4 (then) murders in small Louisiana town.
There are strong connections between all of the girls, 8 in total at the time of this writing. There are some people that claim it is really 9 nine now due to a cold case.
They all came from the ‘wrong side of he tracks’ literally.

Jennings is split in half by the railroad. One side has a 50’s feel, mom and pop stores, cute-ish home, Happy Days in the South could have been filmed there.
The other side of the tracks is a more bleak look. A Hell of a lot less money, much more drinking and drugging (openly), gangs and all that comes from poverty.
I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I do not think poverty is a black hole from which there is no escape. I do not ‘excuse’ wrong doing because you are poor. I do admit it is a long hard road. I do think society makes it harder than it needs to be. Really, all I am saying is that these girls were doing what they felt they had to.
Nothing that they did deserved being murdered over.

8 women and girls murdered.

Loretta Lewis

Ernestine Patterson

Kristen Lopez

Whitnei Dubois

Laconia Brown

Crystal Zeno

Brittney Gary

Necole Guillory

The public is getting little to no information which is horrible. Ignorance leads to fear.
Whitnei Dubois’ sister, Brittany Jones, has said: “All we know is that she was found naked on a dirt road, decomposed.”

I did find many sites that had a lot if information. Still, they are limited by what the police are willing to share, which is little. It was only recently that the local police admitted a serial killer was responsible and that was weakly.
Media coverage is spotty at best. No one seems to pay attention until another dead girl is found.

I have links.
There are some YouTube videos.
So much is hinted, hushed, opinion, but that is all the public really has.

Check out the Jennings Page.

More on this later.


More possible deaths connected to Kimball

WESTMINSTER, Colo. – FOX31 News has learned the FBI is investigating convicted serial killer Scott Lee Kimball as a prime suspect in one of the metro area’s most gruesome murders.

In October of 2004, the naked body of a young woman was found near a dumpster at a Westminster strip mall near 76th and Sheridan. Her hands had been cut off and it took police weeks to identify her.

Finally, Dachelle Powell recognized a composite picture and identified the “Jane Doe” as her sister-in-law, 26-year-old Catrina Powell.

The autopsy report, never released before, describes gruesome sexual torture and mutilation. The killer used chemicals so harsh they burned the body to wash away evidence.

The young woman was brutally beaten, especially about the head, strangled and then her hands were cut off.

FOX31 News has learned the FBI is talking to witnesses about Scott Lee Kimball, who is doing prison time in connection with the murders of three other young women and his uncle.

Read more here

Woman describes close call with Green River Killer

Rodney Alcala Photos

Police Departments are asking for the public’s help in identifying women, young men, and children in dozens of photos seized when detectives searched a storage locker that Rodney Alcala rented in Seattle.
Images were shot before July 1979.
If you know who these people are, contact
Huntington Beach police detective Patrick Ellis, at 714-375-5066, or email at

My arrangement of the photos

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